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The Center for Muscle & Joint Therapy, Inc. has been providing Safety & Wellness Education Support to Employers for over 28 years!

The CUSTOMIZED programs developed by licensed physical therapists focus on keeping the workforce healthy for work and home, saving money on time away from work, and preventing/reducing injuries.

Our program, “Wellness in YOUR workplace. . . Tools for Life®” is trademarked and specially designed to fit YOUR needs in YOUR industry and work site.

The Post-Offer Employment Screening & Safety Resolution.

We know that everyone deserves to be safe on the job, which is why we provide convenient employment screenings and job function analysis to benefit employers and employees. By providing a comprehensive assessment of the physical risk factors that both parties face, we help you mitigate the risk of unsafe situations and seek to keep all parties safe.

We offer detailed job analysis to determine how physically strenuous and demanding said job is. Through our post-offer screenings we help employers determine if potential candidates are physically equipped to handle the physical demands of the job. By assessing the risks and potential injuries candidates face, we give a comprehensive physical assessment that allows employers to make educated decisions when it comes to hiring new employees for physically demanding jobs.

We work with a large variety of local companies to provide convenient and comprehensive post-offer employment screening services and safety issue resolutions. Contact us today to learn more about our post-offer employment screenings.

Industrial Specific Services

We provide local businesses with a selection of industrial testing options to protect liability and help employers make educated and informed decisions when it comes to taking on new employees and testing employees returning to work following physical injuries.

Some of the industrial specific services we offer at the Center for Muscle & Joint Therapy are:

  • Safety and Wellness Educational Programs- keeps the workforce healthy for work and home, saving money on time away from work, and preventing/reducing injuries.
  • Job Function Analysis and Assessment- a comprehensive physical assessment of employees to determine their physical competence.
  • Work Hardening- a goal-oriented physical therapy program designed to restore physical health so employees can return to work.
  • Work Conditioning- provides strength and rehabilitation training for employees to improve their physical condition for work functions.
  • Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA)- a series of tests conducted to observe the ability of an individual to perform strenuous functions.
  • Ergonomic Assessments- a comprehensive assessment of how employees are currently working and functioning in a physically demanding environment and the potential risks and strains they face.

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