Physical Therapy Injury Treatment in Superior, WI and Duluth, MN, Poplar Maple, Solon Springs, Gordon, Foxboro, Lake Nebagamon, Barnes, South Range & surrounding areas

Injuries both major and minor can cause pain, strain, and discomfort that last a lifetime if unaddressed. Even the smallest injury can cause muscle and joint complications that should be dealt with by a professional-licensed physical therapist. No matter what your age or physical condition, physical therapy can help restore function and alleviate the pain caused by a variety of injuries.

At the Center for Muscle & Joint Therapy, we work with you to build a physical therapy plan to restore function and treat the pain associated with physical injuries as well as a variety of other physical issues. Our licensed PTs treat our patients with the utmost care and respect because we know that healing is a journey that you should not have to embark on alone.

When is it time to seek help?

Physical therapy is designed to restore pain-free, comfortable movement allowing you to regain your health and physical well-being. But how do you know it is time to see a physical therapist?

Below are some points that will help guide you to physical therapy.

  • When you realize you have been avoiding or altering the way you normally do things due to the injury/condition.
  • As an alternative to opiods or heavy medication use.
  • You’ve experienced sudden injury and trauma.
  • You can feel sharp and sudden pain in muscle or joints.
  • If you want to be more proactive in helping yourself feel better.

Experiencing some form of muscle and joint pain following an injury is normal. But if your pain lasts longer than expected, or the pain associated with your injury is interrupting with your everyday life, it is time to give us a call.

A physician referral is not always required! Call to find out more today!


Our Treatments

We use the best techniques and practices to deliver quality physical therapy solutions that are personalized and customized. By putting your physical needs first, our team of skilled Physical Therapists conduct a comprehensive physical assessment to create a plan that produces results to restore function and alleviate pain.

At the Center for Muscle & Joint Therapy, we work with patients of all kinds who have experienced a wide range of injuries/conditions such as:

  • Back injuries/conditions
  • Disc injuries/conditions
  • Fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Traumatic injuries due to automobile or work-related accidents
  • Tendonitis/Bursitis
  • Knee Replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Sports Injuries
  • Balance or proprioceptive issues
  • Vertigo
  • TMJ
  • And more!


YOU have the right to choose your physical therapy specialist! CHOOSE US!

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