James G. Rauzi, PT

James G. Rauzi, PT

Founder / Physical Therapist

James graduated from the College of St. Scholastica in 1988 with a degree in Physical Therapy and emphasis on orthopedic (muscle and joint) physical therapy. James started looking for ways to provide a higher level of personal care that really focused on developing a personal understanding of the patient’s needs in order to serve them better. This led to his founding of the Center for Muscle & Joint Therapy in 1991. James is the lead physical therapist, specializing in evaluation and care for treatment of all muscle and skeletal injuries and pre and post-surgery care with an emphasis on manual therapy or hands-on techniques to achieve the restoration of function.

In addition to being a certified Physical Therapist, James is a certified practitioner of the Graston Technique, and a Certified Kinesio Technique Practitioner. James (along with his entire staff) continues to attend extensive orthopedic outpatient classrooms on shoulders, hips and knees in order to stay abreast of the latest techniques and procedures.

How does James describe CMJT?

“When I opened the Center for Muscle & Joint Therapy, my focus was to make every patient feel as if their individual care was the single most important thing to us. We work very hard at making sure each patient is treated this way and it’s really not something we have to consciously aim for: it’s simply a by-product of the attitude and commitment of everyone here and I couldn’t be prouder of the staff we have. Our company motto is a quote by James C. Penny and it really points to the heart of who we are. ‘It is the service we are not obliged to give that people most value.’ “